How does beard itch develop and how can you reduce it?

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One of the reasons some people give up growing a beard is because they can't stand the constant beard itch. Most experience this during the first weeks of growing a beard. Although the itch is temporary, most people cannot overcome this phase and decide to shave it off.

How does beard itch develop?

The first step in treating an itchy beard is to understand the cause. The problem of an itchy beard starts when you shave. New hair naturally grows in a sharp point from the hair follicles (hair follicles) after shaving. This is because some razors are designed to cut the hairs deep into the skin. Some devices cut the hair at an angle so that your hair grows out even sharper from your skin. These sharp hairs drill like a jet through your skin as you grow, which can cause severe irritation / itching in the early stages of your beard.

A second most common cause of an itchy beard is dry skin. We all know that the skin under your beard can get very dry if you don't take care of it. Combine this with the sharp, rough edges of your beard hairs that rub against your dry skin, so you get an itchy beard.

If you've tried to grow a beard but failed, here are some simple techniques to reduce beard itch.

Step 1: Clean your beard

Beards can easily contain dust, dead skin cells and food particles. All of these particles can cause you to get an itchy beard. That is why it is essential to wash your beard with shampoo regularly. Never use regular hair shampoo! regular shampoo in not intended for your facial hair. This can cause your skin and beard to become very dry and coarse. It is advisable to use baby shampoo or beard shampoo. This will ensure a soft and clean beard.

Step 2: moisturize your skin

Beard itch can be quickly reduced by moisturizing your skin and softening the beard hairs. By moisturizing your skin and beard, the skin becomes elastic and strong. This ensures that your skin is less vulnerable to rubbing beard hairs against your skin and therefore less irritation. A miracle cure to use for moisturizing your skin / beard is beard oil. Not only will it moisturize your beard, but it will also give your beard a lovely masculine scent.

Step 3: remove ingrown hairs

Despite the best efforts, there are always those ingrown hairs that just want to ruin your day. The best way is to stand in front of the mirror and examine the ingrown hair for the irritation. It is convenient to use tweezers to remove these hairs. This way you can reduce the irritation before it gets worse.

Step 4: Use an electric razor

When your beard has reached an acceptable length, avoid using a razor. An electric razor is better because it cuts the hair more evenly and handles ingrown hairs much more effectively. An electric razor is also softer on the facial skin.