How to maintain your beard?

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It's not just throwing your razor, sitting back and waiting for a beautiful, full and healthy beard. Growing a beard requires a lot of attention, care and maintenance. These tips will help you optimize your beard.

Tip 1: Be patient

One of the most important things in growing a beard is self-control. Beginners often tend to trim their beards early. A beard should first grow simultaneously (some hairs grow faster than others) before you trim it. After about 4-6 weeks you have a good beard length to start with and to shape your beard.

Tip 2: Wash it regularly

Beards can easily collect dust, dead skin cells and food particles. All these particles can cause you to get an itchy beard. That is why it is essential to wash your beard regularly. Never use regular hair shampoo or soap! hair shampoo is not intended for your facial hair. It can cause your skin and beard to become very dry and coarse. It is advisable to use beard shampoo or a beard and face wash. This will ensure a soft and clean beard.

Tip 3: beard oil is your best friend!

I'll keep saying it ... beard oil is a must! A miracle cure for moisturizing, softening and caring for your beard. By moisturizing your skin and beard, the skin becomes elastic and strong. This ensures that your skin is less vulnerable to rubbing beard hairs against your skin and therefore less irritation. Take care of your beard with the trusted Guardenza beard oil. A wonderfully smelling and well-caring beard oil which consists of 100% natural ingredients.


Tip 4: train your beard

Combing your beard daily with a beard comb or beard brush helps tame and train your stubborn beard hairs to grow downward. A means that helps with this is beard balm. Beard balm keeps wild and indomitable beard hairs under control and shapes your beard as desired. It also acts as a leave-in conditioner, which means it provides ultimate care and softens the beard.

Tip 5: diet

Adequate essential nutrients are required for good and healthy beard growth. Drinking plenty of water and preventing stress and fatigue will help promote beard growth. Vitamins B6, C and E also help keep your skin and hair healthy.