How to Trim Your Beard

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More men are learning how to trim their beards today than at any time in recent history. Before you grab a pair of trimmers from the closet and have at it, you should take a few minutes to learn the correct steps from the professionals in beard care. This brief guide will teach you how to give your beard a proper trim and how to maintain it moving forward.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

First things first, you have to make sure you possess the tools to give your beard a trim. You’ll need the following, at the bare minimum:

  • An electric beard trimmer
  • A razor
  • Shave gel or shaving cream
  • Aftercare products for your face and beard

With these tools in hand, you’ll have everything required to trim, shape, and clean up the area around your beard.

Decide on Your Desired Length

After you have gotten the right tools, it’s time to make a very important decision. How long do you want your beard to be at its longest? You need to know this information before starting because the first real step is cutting your beard with an electric trimmer. That will give you an equal length throughout your beard, and then you may continue cutting down the hair. Remember, you may always cut your hair shorter, but you cannot add length after it’s cut. Don’t make this decision lightly.

A Brief Step by Step Guide for Trimming Your Beard

Now that you have the tools and a vision for your beard’s length, you can get to work. Here are the basic steps to follow when you’re prepared for a trim.

1) Wash and dry your beard. Make sure your beard is thoroughly dry before cutting.

2) Use an electric trimmer to cut your beard to the longest acceptable length. Make sure to give your beard a few passes with the trimmer to pick up any rogue hairs.

3) Decide where you want your neckline. Depending on your style, you might create a neckline at your Adam’s apple or just under the chin. It’s best to trim away at the neckline bit by bit until you find the one that looks best for you.

4) Decide where to trim your beard on your cheek. Some men prefer the “chinstrap” style of cheek shave, but others prefer the natural, untamed cheek line. Decide where you want it, and trim.

5) Trim your mustache to your preferred shape and length. You can keep it the same length as the rest of your beard, leave it longer, or trim it more.

6) Use a razor to clean up your neckline and cheek. Use the shaving cream or gel of your choice along with a high-quality razor to give your beard a good shape.

That’s all there is to it. Make sure to follow up your trim with some aftercare for your face and beard to keep yourself comfortable and looking your best.

Ongoing Beard Care

Now that your beard is trimmed, it’s important to keep it looking in tip-top shape. If you’re serious about beard care, then start off with a good beard and face wash. Then, use a professional-quality beard brush to help tame your facial hair and keep it from tangling. Also, it’s a smart idea to have some beard oil to help condition the beard and keep your skin healthy underneath.

While trimming your beard for the first time can be intimidating, the practice will soon become second-nature to you. Following the steps we’ve listed is a great way for you to get through the experience with comfort and confidence. Take your time, get the proper tools, and your beard will look and feel amazing.