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€ 14.50

If you’re addicted to soap, you’re clean now This exfoliating body wash bar thoroughly cleanses your body and sloughs off dead skin. The rich-lathering and hydrating formula with poppy seeds will leave your body feeling smooth, clean and refreshed. Handmade in the Netherlands from 100% natural ingredients including the finest oils and butters.

€ 14.50

If you’re thinking about taking the next eco-friendly step in your bathroom or simply looking for a good ol’ bar of soap…. We’ve got you covered This 2 in 1 shampoo bar is specially formulated to deeply cleanse and nourish your hair and beard. Handmade in the Netherlands from 100% natural ingredients including the finest oils to moisturize and condition...

€ 21.95

A nurturing yet fast-absorbing daily moisturizer with soothing oils, aiming to hydrate the skin and helps prevent dullness and dryness. It contains natural ingredients such as Calendula extract, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter that will instantly help restore, balance and condition your skin. Friendly for all skin types

€ 24.95

A handy Wash Bag for storing all your grooming essentials. The bag is made of water-resistant TPU and closed with a waterproof zipper. On the side there is an adjustable handle with buckle closure. The buckle closure can also be used to easily wrap the bag around your backpack or suitcase, for example.

€ 34.95

Are you tired of all the cuts, razor burns, and irritation your ordinary plastic razor gives you? Here’s our Guardenza Adjustable Double-Edge Safety Razor that features a classic matte black finish with a stainless steel body to give you a luxurious and comfortable shaving experience. Twisting the handle will adjust the blade exposure so that you can tune...

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