Beard care 

€ 12.36

A beard without beard oil is like peanut without butter, or Jin without Tonic or ….. you get my point. Guardenza beard oil consists of a fast absorbing formula for making your beard instantly soft, smooth, hydrated and more manageable. Our beard oil is blended with a mixture of unrefined Moroccan Argan oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil.   The scent of this...

€ 12.36

Guardenza beard oil consists of a fast absorbing formula for making your beard instantly soft, smooth, hydrated and more manageable.  The smell of status , masculinity , strength and sensuality are all packed in the new kings blend beard oil by Guardenza. This beard oil opens up with a sweet, rich , spicy - earthy odor, a perfect scent for a great night...

€ 12.36

This beard oil consists of a mixture of grape seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil and castor oil that nourishes, softens and hydrates your skin and beard. In addition to being a powerful conditioner, beard oil will also help reduce dry skin and beard itch. Valdivian, the feeling that you are in a tropical rainforest. A rich, intense and fresh aroma with top...

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Want to make your beard feel and look great? Want to keep scraggly hairs in check and style your beard? Want to protect, heathen and condition your beard? Guardenza beard balm is the answer for every gent who lives up to his motto “Me, My Beard & I”. It is a styling aid as well as a leave in beard conditioner. It moisturizes, conditions and softens...

€ 14.83

Guardenza beard butter is a creamy leave-in beard conditioner, especially designed to moisturize and soften coarse, dry and frizzy beards. Guardenza beard butter is made with an extremely rich blend of 13 different oils and butters which add moisture to the skin underneath your beard while conditioning and taming your beard. It will also leave your beard...

€ 9.05

Guardenza mustache wax is an all-natural strong hold wax, perfectly used for creating a handlebar style mustache or simply a great natural look. You will be able to shape your mustache as desired while training it to stay in place. With the pocket sized, easy to use sliding tin you'll always be able to keep your mustache in shape wherever you are. 

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Washing your face and beard with regular hair shampoo is not a good idea. Some shampoos contain aggressive detergents and chemicals that are intended for your head hair and not for your face or beard. These shampoos are not only harmful to your face and beard, but will also make your beard feel very dry and stiff. The 100% natural beard & face wash...

€ 27.19

Guardenza Beard Balm & Beard Oil is an essential kit for grooming your beard. While they stand well independently, these products stack even better together. The beard oil conditions and softens your beard while the balm keeps your beard in shape.

€ 49.55

The Guardenza beard kit contains most of the essentials you will need to groom, condition and style your mustache & beard. All contained in a handy brass tin, ideal for keeping in a pocket when on the move, to ensure the beard is looking great wherever you are.

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