€ 59.95

The Guardenza beard kit contains most of the essentials you will need to groom, condition and style your mustache & beard. All contained in a handy brass tin, ideal for keeping in a pocket when on the move, to ensure the beard is looking great wherever you are.

€ 49.95

An ideal kit for a bearded gentleman. The Guardenza Black Edition Beard kits contains the most essential products you will need to hydrate, condition, and shape-up your beard. Everything packed in a handy metal box, which you can easily take anywhere.

€ 49.95

The Guardenza beard starter kit contains everything you will need to keep your beard clean, groomed and well in shape. Whether it's the first time you grow your beard, or you're a beard veteran, our starter kit contains everything you'll need to keep your beard in top condition every day. The kit consists of Guardenza's newly formulated Valdivian beard...

€ 32.90

Guardenza Beard Balm & Beard Oil is an essential kit for grooming your beard. While they stand well independently, these products stack even better together. The beard oil conditions and softens your beard while the balm keeps your beard in shape.

€ 39.95

When you grow a beard, you know it's not that easy at all. It takes a lot of patience, care, and maintenance. It is essential to take good care of your beard with beard oil. Guardenza Beard Oil moisturizes the skin and softens and tames your beard. In addition to being a powerful conditioner, beard oil will also help reduce dry skin and beard itch.

€ 24.95

A handy Wash Bag for storing all your grooming essentials. The bag is made of water-resistant TPU and closed with a waterproof zipper. On the side there is an adjustable handle with buckle closure. The buckle closure can also be used to easily wrap the bag around your backpack or suitcase, for example.

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