€ 17.50

The Shavette “Cut Throat” razor from Guardenza is ideal for a comfortable shaving treatment and for retouching your sideburns, beard lines and goatees. The Shavette is made of black coated stainless steel and has a beautiful wooden handle. With this type of razor you use double-edge blades, so that sharpening or the use of a leather strap becomes...

€ 25.75

The butterfly safety razor from Guardenza is ideal for an "OLD SCHOOL" shaving experience. It is made of stainless steel with a matte black finish and a ribbed pattern handle for a good grip. By turning the end of the handle, the butterfly mechanism is opened, so you can easily replace the double-edge razor blades. Please note, this article does not...

€ 14.50

The Guardenza shave gel is an all-natural non foaming gel that allows you to see where you are shaving. It will help create high definition facial hair styles with precision. The formula contains caffeine to help reduce redness and irritation after shaving while reinvigorating the skin’s vivacity. Matcha tea moisturizes the skin and leaves the skin...

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€ 4.95

Shaving character: Comfortable, Sharp Suitable for: Normal skin type Suitable for: Light to heavy beard growth Quantity: 10 pieces

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€ 4.95

Shaving character: Extremely sharp, Aggressive Suitable for: Advanced users - Normal skin Suitable for: Medium-heavy beard Quantity: 10 pieces

€ 1.95

Shaving Character: Comfortable Suitable for: Beginners - sensitive skin Suitable for: Light to medium weight beards Quantity: 5 pieces

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