How to Straighten Your Beard?

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Bearded men look more stylish and girls find them hot but what if your beard is a tangled messy jungle? If you also have a curly beard then chances are you are finding the answer to ‘how to straighten your beard.’ It is worth pondering as rough and dry beard hair may cause hygienic problems and diminish your looks.

Here we’ve figured out the problems that you might face due to your unmanaged curly beard and the solution to straighten it with your hands, chemicals, and tools.

Messy Curly Beard Problems

Curly beard is an open choice for the men who can handle its hair locks neatly, even thick curly hair adds youthfulness but most of the men go wrong with it and face problems.

Tangled knots make beard combing difficult and you cannot evenly apply oil on it. When aggressively combing to detangle the hair, you may unknowingly damage hair follicles. There are also chances to develop split ends.

One of the main downsides of curly hair is they are the vital growth site of bacteria and germs, transferring them to the face, consequently, you may develop acne, pimple, or blackheads. 

So, if you are a businessman or going to attend any party don’t forget to trim and straighten your beard with any of these methods.

How to Straighten Your Beard

Hand Straightening

Towel drying or hands straightening is the easiest and workable way to straighten your beard after the shower.

When you are using a towel to dry your beard, make sure to dry in a downward direction keeping it unidirectional. Repeating this process over and over again will assist your hair to get trained and sit naturally that will give you a uniformly managed natural straight beard.

Beard Care Products

There are many beard care products to give you the ease of straightening. Several oils, balms, and moisturizers have taken the responsibility to straighten your beard. You just need to take time to purchase and use to make your beard look dashing.

Beard oil moisturizes your hair and helps to style easily.  Take oil on your palm, rub and gently apply on front of your beard with fingers crossed. If you use oil on a damp beard, it will give the best results.

Conditioners do the same as oil but you need to rinse it after 5-10 minutes.

Beard balm is the best. It helps to sculpt your beard and keep the hair straighten for longer. Always keep your direction downwards while applying wax this way hair will look longer and straighten. 

Blow Dryer

Letting your beard get dried naturally either takes more time or curls the hair during the process. As a result, your beard looks quite short.

So, when you are in a hurry and don’t have time for towel drying, the blow dryer takes this responsibility to not only fully dry your beard but also give a well-maintained shape. 

A blow dryer is an amazing tool to straighten your beard that keeps the beard hair in the same direction and ensures to position them downward. 

You just have to take a section of hair with the same width as your blow dryer and start from the bottom then come towards cheeks. Continue this side by side and comb into your beard to set them.

Things You Must Consider to Prevent Any Internal Hair Follicle Damage

Keep the heat to the medium and don’t be crazy doing it at high heat. If you sit too long with low heat, twisted hair will not straighten properly and your hair will be at more risk of prolonged heating.

If you adjust heat too high and think to straighten your beard in the blink of an eye, you might get it wrong. Too hot air can damage significantly. It not only causes dryness of the skin but also splits hair ends due to brittleness of hair follicles.

Applying beard oil or balm would be a treat to your suffering beard hair as you have directly exposed them to heat. Balm or oil will help to give moisture back to your skin and hair to prevent after effects.

If you want to keep the style for long, don’t forget to use wax-based beard balm. It will help to keep your straighten hair set for a longer period.

Flat Hair Straightener

Hair straightener is not restricted to be used for long shoulder hair. It is the best straightening tool and goes well for the long and thick curly beards. 

When using a straightener for your beard, first, dry your beard completely and comb it to detangle hair as flat iron plates must go smooth for even straightening. Divide your beard hair in section and start from one side and then go to the next.

When using the straightener, make sure to get close to the root and then slowly draw the iron downwards. Keep combing in one direction to set the straighten hair. Continue doing so until your beard is perfectly straight.

Precautions to Take When Using Straightener for Your Beard

Just like a blow dryer, the same rule of heat applies to straightener, keep it at medium heat neither too low nor too high.

  • If you are using it in your bathroom, make sure it is on a water-free surface.
  • Many people make a big mistake with straightening wet hair. It may lead to severe hair damage. Doing so will boil the water along the shaft that will cause steam damage. Steam damage will destroy the hair follicle and may cause hair loss.
  • To prevent heat damage, apply beard oil or balm as you apply after blow dryer.
  • Never stop at one point of your hair when using straightener as doing so will lead to severe damage to the hair follicles in the very same position.

3 Best Tips to Straighten Your Beard

  1. Apply sea salt spray on your damp beard to keep it straightened and in shape.
  2. Use a round brush with ceramic plates to style your beard.
  3. Use hot and cold air setting of the blow dryer to perfectly style and maintain your beard.